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Keywords register: psychotherapie

Klinische Praktijk


D.W. van der Spek, R.A. van Grieken

Plea for early recognition, diagnosis and treatment of comorbid personality disorder in treatment-resistant depression, 1067 - 1072

Review article

2019/3 themanummer Onderwijs en Opleiden

N. Draijer

Know thyself; personal psychotherapy for the psychiatrist in training, 164 - 169


2019/3 themanummer Onderwijs en Opleiden

O. Cools, K. Hebbrecht

Training in psychiatry in Belgium through the eyes of the trainee, 153 - 158


2019/3 themanummer Onderwijs en Opleiden

M.G. Nijs, J.M. Bueno de Mesquita

The future of psychiatry and the psychiatrist of the future, 217 - 223



P.S. Sterkenburg, J.H. Braakman

Effect of psychotherapy for persons with an intellectual disability, and required adjustments, 792 - 797

Review article


L.H.J.M. Lemmens, S.C. van Bronswijk, F. Peeters, A. Arntz, A. Roefs, S.D. Hollon, R.J. Derubeis, M.J.H. Huibers

Cognitive therapy and interpersonal psychotherapy for major depressive disorder: how do they work, how long, and for whom?, 710 - 719

Review article


W.A.M. van der Veen, J.W. Renes, R.W. Kupka, E.J. Regeer

The effects of pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatment of comorbid anxiety disorders in patients with bipolar disorder, 388 - 396

Short report

2016/10 themanummer Maatschappelijk Rendement van de Psychiatrie

P. Wetzelaer, J. Lokkerbol, A. Arntz, A. van Asselt, S. Evers

Cost-effectiveness of psychotherapy for personality disorders. A systematic review on economic evaluation studies, 717 - 727

Review article


E. Driessen, P. Cuijpers, S.D. Hollon, H.L. Van, J.J.M. Dekker

The efficacy of psychological treatments for depression: a review of recent research findings, 455 - 462

Short report


J. Vandenberghe, L. Van Oudenhove, S.E. Cuypers

Does psychotherapy alter the brain? A non-reductionist neurophilosophical perspective, 455 - 461

Review article


J.E. Wiersma, D.J.F. van Schaik, M.B.J. Blom, L. Bakker, P. van Oppen, A.T.F. Beekman

Treatment for chronic depression: cognitive behavioral analysis system of psychotherapy (CBASP), 727 - 736

Review article


P. Sienaert, J. De Fruyt

Psychoeducation in the treatment of bipolar disorder, 509 - 518

Short report

2008/6 Themanummer Evidence-Based Psychiatrie

P.M.F.J.J. Knapen

Psychotherapy in the era of evidence-based medicine , 365 - 375

Case report


B.W. Koekkoek, A.J.A. Kaasenbrood

Treating chronic suicidality involves taking risks , 283 - 287

Review article


M. Hebbrecht

The dream, anno 2007 , 877 - 886

New research


G.M.G.A. Piras, B.W. van de Kar, A. Oostindiër

Resident psychiatrists in Amsterdam recognize the value of personal therapy , 361 - 372

Short report


H.M. Visser, J. Dekker, L. Harteveld-Bosma, P. Rijnierse, F. de Jonghe

Intakes for (day) clinical psychotherapy. A cohort study , 141 - 145



R.W. Kupka, D. de Been

Psychology and psychotherapy in bipolar disorder , 915 - 920

New research


B. van den Berg, E.A.M. Knoppert-van der Klein, J. van Zaane

Psychotherapeutic treatment options for bipolar disorders. A review of randomized controlled studies , 905 - 913

New research


E.F.A. Maes

An informative brochure for patients on their first visit to a therapist: a pilot study , 583 - 592

Review article


A. Bartak, D.I. Soeteman, J. van Busschbach, R. Verheul

Necessity, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness of psychotherapy for personality disorders: empirical evidence , 309 - 318

Short report

2005/11 Themanummer Transculturele Psychiatrie

M. Olff, B.P.R. Gersons

A short course of eclectic psychotherapy for a Turkish patient with posttraumatic stress disorder. A case study , 795 - 799

Short report


G. Degraeve

Pre-Therapy. First-aid for patients afflicted by contact-impaired functioning, 701 - 705



M. Hebbrecht

The psychiatrist as supportive object, 157 - 166

New research


M.M. Thunnissen, Y.A.H. Remans, R.W. Trijsburg

Premature termination of short-term in-patient psychotherapy , 739 - 743