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Keywords register: youth

Short report

2015/12 themanummer Kinder en Jeugdpsychiatrie

D.M.W.R. van Houtem-Solberg, E.W.C.H. Chatrou, M.Q. Werrij, T.A.M.J. van Amelsvoort

Youth F-ACT: mapping the problems of a special population, 892 - 896

New research


A.H. Vegter, J.W. Veerman, R.E. de Meyer

Do behavioural problems existing at referral become worse in subsequent years? A study of young persons referred to the outpatient unit of the mental health service , 265 - 273

New research


C. Emck, P.F. Schothorst, H. van Engeland

Early Onset Psychosis, 757 - 765