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Keywords register: comorbidity



M.M. de Waal, M.J. Kikkert, J.J.M. Dekker, A.E. Goudriaan

Victimization among dual diagnosis patients and effectiveness of the sos training, 784 - 793



W.H. Braam, J. Spijker, G.J. Hendriks, J.N. Vrijsen

Decrease of depression and outcome in treatment of anxiety disorders - an observational study of ROM data, 187 - 193



G.H. de Weert-van Oene, C.A.J. de Jong

Demoralisation in alcohol-dependent patients with co-occurring psychiatric disorders, 84 - 91



A.M. van Schagen, J. Lancee

Nightmares: prevalence and treatment in secondary mental healthcare, 710 - 716

New research


E. de Beurs, I.V.E. Carlier, E.H. Warmerdam

Comorbidity on axis I and treatment outcome, 150 - 158

Review article


L.J.B. van Oudheusden, G. Meynen, A.J.L.M. van Balkom

Psychiatric comorbidity: theoretical and clinical dilemmas, 664 - 671

Review article


A.E. Dingemans, E.F. van Furth

EDNOS is an eating disorder of clinical relevance, on a par with anorexia and bulimia nervosa, 258 - 264

Short report

2015/2 themanummer Bewegingsstoornissen

D. Cath

Psychiatric aspects of tics, 143 - 147

Review article


T. Hundscheid, R.R.W.J. van der Hulst, B.P.F. Rutten, C. Leue

Body dysmorphic disorder in cosmetic surgery - prevalence, psychiatric comorbidity and outcome, 514 - 522

Review article


P.J. Carpentier

Addiction from a developmental perspective: the role of conduct disorder and ADHD in the development of problematic substance use disorders, 95 - 105

Short report


K.J. van der Boom, J.H. Houtveen

Psychiatric comorbidity in patients in tertiary care suffering from severe somatoform disorders, 743 - 747

Short report

2013/11 themanummer Verslaving

K. van Emmerik-van Oortmerssen, C.L. Crunelle, P.J. Carpentier

Substance use disorders and ADHD: an overview of recent Dutch research , 861 - 866



F. Matthys, S. Tremmery, M. Autrique, P. Joostens, D. Möbius, S. Stes, B.G.C. Sabbe

ADHD and addiction: a complicated liaison, 539 - 548

Case report


L.W.J. van Rens, G.H. de Weert-van Oene, A.A. van Oosteren, C. Rutten

Clinical treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder in patients with serious dual diagnosis problems, 383 - 388

Review article


L.A. Fibbe, D.C. Cath, A.J.L.M. van Balkom

Obsessive compulsive disorder with tics: a new subtype?, 275 - 285

Case report


J.Z. Muyselaar-Jellema, S. Severijnen

Developmental coordination disorder in a child with ADHD; is DCD a DSM-IV diagnosis that is not recognised by child psychiatry?, 305 - 310

New research


R. Van Roy, F. Van Den Eede, K. Peeters, C. Kenis, B.G.C. Sabbe, S.J. Claes

Comorbid anxiety disorders and alcohol-related disorders in a population of bipolar I disorder: investigation in a Flemish population , 69 - 78

Review article


H.M. Geurts, L. Deprey, S. Ozonoff

Assessment of comorbidity in autism spectrum disorders, 753 - 761

Case report


A. Maesen, S.J. Claes, K. Neyrinck

Psychiatric disorders in velo-cardio-facial syndrome , 51 - 56

New research


D.J. Vinkers, Y.R. van Rood, N.J.A. van der Wee

Prevalence and comorbidity of body dysmorphic disorder in psychiatric outpatients, 559 - 565

New research


A. Schadé, L.A. Marquenie, A.J.L.M. van Balkom, M.W.J. Koeter, W. van den Brink, R. van Dyck

The effectiveness of anxiety treatment on alcohol-dependent patients with a comorbid phobic disorder: a randomised controlled trial , 137 - 148

New research


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Treatment of depressive disorder and comorbid personality pathology: combined therapy versus pharmacotherapy , 361 - 372

New research


M. Vegt, J.H.M. Tulen, H.R. van Tuijl, C.W. Twigt, M.W. Hengeveld

Diagnostic assessment of adults referred to a university outpatient clinic for ADHD , 289 - 299

Case report


T. Callewaert, W. Vandereycken

Development and treatment of anorexia nervosa in patients with Turner syndrome. A case study , 189 - 193

Review article


M. Repko, W. van den Brink, J. Huyser

Can depressed patients stop smoking? A review , 753 - 762