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Keywords register: bipolaire stoornis

Short report

50th anniversary issue 2008, suppl.2

W.A. Nolen

Fifty years of pharmacotherapy of mood disorders: have the expectations been fulfilled? , 111 - 116

Review article


M.W.H. Lochmann van Bennekom, M. van Eijkelen, B. Geerling, M.H.J. Hillegers, M. de Leeuw, R.W. Kupka, E.J. Regeer

Earlier recognition of bipolar disorder – necessity and advice for clinical practice, 384 - 391

Review article


G.G.H. van der Linden, M.W.H. Lochmann van Bennekom, J. Spijker

Prevalence and recognition of bipolarity in patients with a treatment-resistant depressive disorder: a systematic review, 104 - 111



S. van den Ameele, L. van Diermen, W. Staels, V. Coppens, G. Dumont, B. Sabbe, M. Morrens

De impact van stemmingsstabiliserende geneesmiddelen op cytokineconcentraties bij patiënten met een bipolaire stoornis: een systematisch literatuuronderzoek, 507 - 507



M.M. Rive, H.G. Ruhé, D.J. Veltman, A.H. Schene

The diagnosis of unipolar versus bipolar disorders using neuroimaging, 471 - 480

Review article


W.A.M. van der Veen, J.W. Renes, R.W. Kupka, E.J. Regeer

The effects of pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatment of comorbid anxiety disorders in patients with bipolar disorder, 388 - 396



B.C.M. Haarman, H. Burger, H.A. Drexhage, W.A. Nolen, R.F. Riemersma-Van der Lek

The dysregulated brain - Consequences of spatial and temporal brain complexity for bipolar disorder pathophysiology and diagnosis, 105 - 113

Review article


D. Dinç, P.F.J. Schulte

The use of anticonvulsants and the levels of folate, vitamin B12 and homocysteine, 20 - 28



A. Dols, S. Schouws

Older patients with a bipolar disorder, a distinctive group, 693 - 701

Review article


S. Van Den Ameele, L. van Diermen, W. Staels, V. Coppens, G. Dumont, B. Sabbe, M. Morrens

The effect of mood-stabilising drugs on cytokine levels in bipolar disorder: a systematic review, 682 - 692

Short report

2017/10 themanummer Hersenstimulatie

A. de Bruijn, I. Tendolkar, J. Spijker, M. Lochmann van Bennekom, P. van Eijndhoven

Usefulness of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) in the treatment of bipolar depression, 605 - 611

New research


W.G. ter Meulen, H.M. Visser, P.J.M. Elders, R.W. Kupka

The general practitioner in charge of treatment of patients with bipolar disorder: an exploratory study, 190 - 197

Review article


A. Temmerman, B. Sabbe, M. Morrens

Social cognition in bipolar disorder, 405 - 414

Case report


M.L. Sluys, A. Remmers, R.J. Beerthuis

Hypomania following the use of varenicline in two patients with bipolar disorder, 835 - 838

Case report


L.D. de Witte, R.B. Smits, M. Bartel, M. Kleijweg, G.D. Valk, C.H. Vinkers, M. Vergeer

Cushing’s syndrome in a manic patient with a long-standing bipolar disorder: cause or coincidence?, 757 - 761



R. Wesseloo, K.M. Burgerhout, K.M. Koorengevel, V. Bergink

Postpartum psychosis in clinical practice: diagnostic considerations, treatment and prevention, 25 - 33

Review article


A.T. Spijker, S.M. Staufenbiel, E.F.C. van Rossum

New insights into ways of determining cortisol exposure in patients with bipolar disorder, 788 - 797

New research


H.M. Visser, J.W. Renes, D. Koninkx, R.W. Kupka

Forcing patients with bipolar disorder to make a financial contribution to secondary psychiatric care may make them forsake care completely, 655 - 663

Case report


L.M. Tak, A.W.M.M. Stevens

Development of (hypo)mania during discontinuation of venlafaxine in two patients with bipolar disorder, 795 - 800

Review article


M.J. Eldering, S. Schouws, B. Arts, N. Jabben

Cognitive dysfunction in bipolar disorder: determinants and functional outcome, 709 - 718

Short report

2012/11 themanummer Klinische Stagering en Profilering

R.W. Kupka, M.H.J. Hillegers

Staging and profiling in bipolar disorders, 949 - 956

Short report


A. Dols, H. van Gerven, F. Oostervink, S. Schouws, I. Tolner, R.W. Kupka, M.L. Stek

Key points for the treatment of the elderly with bipolar disorder , 75 - 80

Review article


A. van Lammeren, A. Dols, H. van Gerven, R.W. Kupka, M.L. Stek

Mania in late life: bipolar disorder as diagnosis by exclusion, 813 - 823

New research


I. Winter-van Rossum, M.M. Boomsma, D.E. Tenback, C. Reed, J. van Os

The influence of cannabis on the course of bipolar disorder: a longitudinal analysis, 287 - 298

Case report


N. Matthijs, G. Touquet, M. De Hert

Cannabis-induced mania? A case study and literature review, 859 - 863