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Keywords register: depression

Short report

50th anniversary issue 2008, suppl.2

W.A. Nolen

Fifty years of pharmacotherapy of mood disorders: have the expectations been fulfilled? , 111 - 116



W.H. Braam, J. Spijker, G.J. Hendriks, J.N. Vrijsen

Decrease of depression and outcome in treatment of anxiety disorders - an observational study of ROM data, 187 - 193



T. Baert, Z. Van Duppen, D. De Wachter

Existential hope: a phenomenological key to understanding depression?, 47 - 53



S. Rutten, C. Vriend, H.W. Berendse, Y.D. Van der Werf, O.A. van den Heuvel

Anxiety, depression and sleep disorders in Parkinson’s disease: a complex interaction between body and mind, 62 - 72



Y.A. de Vries, A.M. Roest, P. de Jonge

Evidence-b(i)ased psychiatry: research into the evidence for effectiveness and safety of antidepressants in depression and anxiety disorders, 635 - 643



M. Arns, C. Bervoets, P. van Eijndhoven, C. Baeken, O.A. van den Heuvel, A. Aleman, D.J.L.G. Schutter, Y. van der Werf, S. van Belkum, I.E. Sommer, R. van Ruth, B. Haarman, J. Spijker, A.T. Sack

Consensus statement on the application of rTMS in depression in the Netherlands and Belgium, 411 - 420



E. Dozeman, A. van Straten, C.R. van Genugten, D.J.F. van Schaik

Guided web-based intervention for sleeping problems (I-Sleep) in depressed patients within outpatient specialist mental health care: a pilot study, 683 - 691

Review article


L.H.J.M. Lemmens, S.C. van Bronswijk, F. Peeters, A. Arntz, A. Roefs, S.D. Hollon, R.J. Derubeis, M.J.H. Huibers

Cognitive therapy and interpersonal psychotherapy for major depressive disorder: how do they work, how long, and for whom?, 710 - 719

Klinische Praktijk


F. Koolen, J.A. Schippers, A.M.L. Oude lashof, C. Leue

HIV, antiretroviral therapy and suicidal behaviour: a multidisciplinary case report and underlying neuroimmunological pathways, 57 - 61



R.A. van Grieken, A.H. Schene

The patient’s perspective on the self-management and professional treatment of depression, 627 - 636



N.K. van Vliet, H. Schaap-Jonker, M. Jongkind, N. van der Velde, A. van den Brink, A.W. Braam

The associations between God representations and suicidality among Christian patients with a major depressive disorder, 511 - 520



M. ten Have, B.W.J.H. Penninx, M. Tuithof, S. van Dorsselaer, M. Kleinjan, J. Spijker, R. de Graaf

New numbers on the duration of major and minor depressive episodes in the general population; results from NEMESIS-2, 364 - 373



K. Hoorelbeke, E.H.W. Koster

Ten years of cognitive control training for depression: an overview of findings and challenges, 403 - 410

Short report

2018/3 themanummer Personalised Medicine

A.T.F. Beekman, J. Spijker

Personalised diagnosis and treatment of depression, 156 - 160

Case report


W. Kerkhof, K. Abrahams, J. Vandenberghe

Takotsubo cardiomyopathy and catatonia in a patient with psychotic depression, 55 - 59

Short report


A. Smit, A. Kemps, M. Zoun, J. Spijker

Adequacy of treatment for chronic anxiety or depression; an exploratory study of treatment practice, 422 - 426

Review article


J.E. Verhoeven, P. van Oppen, B.W.J.H. Penninx

Associations between depression, anxiety and telomere length in a large Dutch psychiatric cohort study, 350 - 359

New research


N.A.M. Oude Oosterik, M.E.J. Bouwmans, I.W. de Groot, E.H. Bos, P. de Jonge

The bidirectional relationship between physical activity and sleep in depressed versus non-depressed individuals, 78 - 86

Review article


G. Flens, E. de Beurs

The future of ROM: computerised adaptive testing, 767 - 744

Short report

2017/10 themanummer Hersenstimulatie

T.A. de Graaf, C. Baeken, P. Sienaert, A. Aleman, A.T. Sack

Brain stimulation: the most direct form of neurostimulation, 588 - 593

Review article


A.C. Schrier, S.J. Hogerzeil, M.A.S. de Wit, A.T.F. Beekman

Depression and anxiety in Turkish and Moroccan minorities in the Netherlands: prevalence, symptoms, risk factors and protective factors A systematic review, 30 - 39

Case report


M. Debeyne, A. Haekens, H. Peuskens

‘Giving inappropriate and/or misleading answers’; is the era of the Ganser syndrome finally over?, 659 - 662

New research


A. Muntingh, M. Laheij, H. Sinnema, M. Zoun, A. van Balkom, A. Schene, J. Spijker

Quality of life and symptoms in patients with chronic depression and anxiety after a self-management training: a randomised controlled trial, 504 - 512

Review article


K.L. Blase, A. van Dijke, P.J.M. Cluitmans, E. Vermetten

Efficacy of HRV-biofeedback as additional treatment of depression and PTSD, 292 - 300



B.A.A. Bus, M.L. Molendijk

The neurotrophic hypothesis of depression, 215 - 222