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Keywords register: cognition

Short report

2017/10 themanummer Hersenstimulatie

E. Verwijk, J. Obbels, H.P. Spaans, P. Sienaert

Doctor, will I get my memory back? Electroconvulsive therapy and cognitive side-effects in daily practice, 632 - 637

Review article


A.J. de Kort, D. Postulart, G.A.A.M. Wetzer, S.H.P.P. Roerink

Acromegaly: recognition of a rare disease in psychiatric practice, 794 - 802

Short report


J.E. Hovens, T.A.M. Onderwater

Minocycline for schizophrenia: a brief overview, 402 - 406

Review article


M.J. Eldering, S. Schouws, B. Arts, N. Jabben

Cognitive dysfunction in bipolar disorder: determinants and functional outcome, 709 - 718

New research


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Review article


J.G.C. van Amsterdam, T.M. Brunt, M.T.B. Mcmaster, R. Niesink, M.S. van Noorden, W. van den Brink

Cognitive impairment due to intensive use and overdoses of gammahydroxybutyric acid (GHB), 1001 - 1010

Short report

2011/9 themanummer Ouderenpsychiatrie

S. Köhler, F.R.J. Verhey

Cognitive deficits in late-life depression, 601 - 607

Review article


M.R. Weeda, B.D. Peters, L. de Haan, D.H. Linszen

Residual neuropsychological, structural and functional brain abnormalities after longterm cannabis use , 185 - 193

Case report


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A cognitive aspect related to the withdrawal of alprazolam, 199 - 203

New research


M. van der Gaag, J. van Os

The influence of cognitive deficits on the social outcome of schizophrenia, 773 - 782

Short report


L. de Haan

Cognition, subjective experience, dopamine and antipsychotic medication, 759 - 766

Review article


A. Aleman

Hallucinations: a cognitive neuropsychiatric approach, 753 - 758

Short report


N.F. Ramsey

The contribution of functional magnetic resonance imaging to insights into schizophrenia, 727 - 732

Review article


A. Broerse, T.J. Crawford, J.A. den Boer

Saccadic paradigms and cognition in schizophrenia: a review, 395 - 404

Review article


A. Broerse, T.J. Crawford, J.A. den Boer

Saccadic paradigms and cognition: a review, 233 - 244



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Review article


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New research


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