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Authors register: J. Arends

Review article


S. de Jong, R.J.M. van Donkersgoed, J. Arends, P.H. Lysaker, L. Wunderink, M. van der Gaag, A. Aleman, G.H.M. Pijnenborg

Metacognition in psychotic disorders: from concepts to intervention, 455 - 462



M. van Agthoven, A. van der Kolk, H. Knegtering, PH.A.E.G. Delespaul, J. Arends, P.P.T. Jeurissen, P.F.M. Krabbe, R. Huijsman, R. Luijk, E. de Beurs, L. Hakkaart-Van Roijen, R. Bruggeman

Cost-effectiveness in Dutch mental health care: future because of ROM?, 672 - 679

Review article


V.C.R. Jiawan, J. Arends, C.J. Slooff, H. Knegtering

Pharmacological treatment of negative symptoms in schizophrenia; research and practice, 627 - 637

New research


H. Kamphuis, J. Arends, L. Timmerman, J. van Marle, J. Kappert

Myocarditis and cardiomyopathy: underestimated complications resulting from clozapine therapy, 223 - 233

New research


J. Arends, R.J.P. Rijnders, C.A.L. Hoogduin

Meige's syndrome as a complication of neuroleptic treatment