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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 41 (1999) 12, 713 - 721


Cognition and intelligence in one theory

F. Verheij

In 1992, Intelligence and cognition;a cognitive theory by M.Anderson was published.Most theories about human cogitation (intelligence and cognition)are subtheories.Some theories focus mainly on the constant in human knowing and thinking and convey this into measurements (like iq -scores).Other theories focus mainly on achievement of knowledge and development of thought and often postulate growth by phases.
Anderson ascertained that there is no theory that integrates the constant and the inconstant and in his book he made an attempt to integrate the seemingly dissimilar results into a framework.
From the child and adolescent psychiatric view,Andersons theory is an interesting one because the disharmonious cognitive development of many children with severe problems becomes easier to comprehend by means of such a compounded theoretical framework,while it also offers an explanation for possible disharmonious developmental progress.

keywords cognition, cognitive development, developmental psychopathology, intelligence