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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 41 (1999) 11, 45 - 49

Short report

A study of involuntary admissions to Delta Psychiatric Hospital (about 800 patients)

M.Th. Derksen, L. Timmerman, D.L. Stronks

In this study the factors leading to involuntary admission are investigated.
Half of the admissions was involuntarily of which 89% under an ibs (inbewaringstelling, given for a period of three weeks in case of acute danger) and 11% under rm (rechterlijke machtiging, given for a period of half a year in case of not acute danger). The most important criteria of danger concerning an ibs were: serious risk of selfharm or suicide (in 50%), serious risk of selfneglect (in 37%), and serious danger for the safety of persons and goods in general (35%).
Within one week half of the involuntary admissions was discontinued by the judge or the psychiatrist on insufficient grounds. In 42% of the remaining cases the ibs was followed by a rm. In conclusion there was significant agreement between the opinion of the judge and the psychiatrist regarding the necessity of involuntary admission.

keywords criteria of danger, involuntary assessment, medical statement, Mental Health Act