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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 61 (2019) 11, 773 - 778

Review article

Somatic comorbidity in children and adults with intellectual disability and mental health problems.

A.M. van Eeghen, S.A. Huisman, G. van Goethem, E. Boot

background People with intellectual disability (id) frequently suffer from somatic and psychiatric comorbidity. Somatic morbidity can be the cause and the result of mental health problems. Timely diagnosis and interdisciplinary management are essential for optimal health, development and quality of life.
aim To improve interdisciplinary cooperation of professionals involved in care for patients with id, with emphasis on prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment of somatic comorbidity.
method Literature review and expert opinion.
results Epidemiology, diagnostics, and treatment of somatic comorbidity in patients with id are discussed. Additionally, roles and responsibilities of involved professionals are addressed.
conclusion Somatic comorbidity is highly prevalent in patients with id. People with id should be regularly screened for somatic comorbidity, and re-evaluated in case of behavioral changes. Where available, an id physician can be included in the interdisciplinary care team.

keywords intellectual disability, somatic comorbidity, intellectual disability physician