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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 61 (2019) 9


K. Goethals

Is the neuroscientist wearing the emperor’s new clothes?, 596 - 598


Wetenschapsnieuws, 599 - 601


R.J. Duvivier, E. Driessen

Trends en ontwikkelingen in het medisch-onderwijskundig onderzoek, 602 - 602


F.E. de Vries, J.M. Huisman

Treatment of distress in cancer patients, 603 - 604


F. Compen, E.M. Bisseling, M. Schellekens, R. Donders, L. Carlson, M. van der Lee, A.E.M. Speckens

RCT about mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for psychological distress in cancer patients, 605 - 616


J. van Os

An analysis of the degree of unexplained small-area variation in costs of mental health care: towards a model of evidence-based commissioning of care?, 617 - 625


K. Plasmans, I. Glazemakers, G. Dom

Perinatal mental health care for mothers with schizophrenia in Flanders; where are we still short?, 626 - 634


Y.A. de Vries, A.M. Roest, P. de Jonge

Evidence-b(i)ased psychiatry: research into the evidence for effectiveness and safety of antidepressants in depression and anxiety disorders, 635 - 643

Klinische Praktijk

A.W.J. Bierman, C.C.A. Jonkers-van der heijden, C.A.A.M. Arets, C.E. Boumans

E-health in long-stay psychiatric care: blended care psycho-education on psychosis, 644 - 648

Klinische Praktijk

L. van Renterghem, K. Titeca, C.L. Crunelle, P. Geerts, F. Matthys

Oculogyric crisis as an isolated extrapyramidal symptom of auto-intoxication with risperidone, 649 - 653


S.K. Spoelstra, C.A.J. Baas, F.N. Dijk, H. Knegtering

Is polyfarmacie met anti-psychotica toch effectiever dan monotherapie bij schizofrenie?, 654 - 655

Dutch-Flemish research

M. Dückers

Mentale gezondheid kwetsbaarder in minder kwetsbare landen: de paradox geldt ook voor suïcide, 656 - 657

Dutch-Flemish research

J.M. Vermeulen

Roken en psychose: geen steun voor de zelfmedicatiehypothese, 658 - 658

Psychiatrie van de Toekomst

E. Van Assche

Het Werther-effect van 13 Reasons Why, 659 - 659

Letter to the editor

M. Besselink, M. van Putten, M. Bähler

Reaction on ‘Faster recovery of work participation through collaboration between specialist mental health care and Employee Insurance Agency (UWV): a pilot study’, 664 - 665