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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 61 (2019) 7, 455 - 463


Determining security need in forensic psychiatric patients: HoNOS-Secure and DUNDRUM-1

I. Jeandarme, P. Habets

background Forensic psychiatric patients can be treated in different security levels. Clear criteria to estimate the required security level or transfer to a less secure setting are not yet available. A literature review shows that, of the few instruments that are used internationally, the dundrum and the Honos-Secure are the most promising.
aim To investigate whether these instruments can be used in Flemish forensic psychiatric settings.
method dundrum-1 scores were collected for 150 internees. The psychometric qualities of the scale were examined. In a subpopulation, the dundrum-1 was compared with the Honos-Secure.
results The psychometric properties of the dundrum-1 were good and exceeded those of the Honos-Secure.
conclusion The dundrum-1 is an instrument that can help clinicians and judges to better - and in a more transparent way - substantiate their decision-making to secure care. However, further research regarding the practical applicability is needed.

keywords forensic psychiatry