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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 61 (2019) 6, 384 - 391

Review article

Earlier recognition of bipolar disorder – necessity and advice for clinical practice

M.W.H. Lochmann van Bennekom, M. van Eijkelen, B. Geerling, M.H.J. Hillegers, M. de Leeuw, R.W. Kupka, E.J. Regeer

background There is an average 10-year delay in diagnosing bipolar disorder, hampering the application of effective therapeutic interventions.
aim To investigate factors contributing to early recognition.
method We give a stage-oriented overview of the opportunities for early recognition.
results Recognition in stage 0 (at-risk) and stage 1 (prodromal) is yet impossible. In stage 2 (syndromal) there are opportunities for better recognition in patients presenting with depression by conducting a thorough (collateral) psychiatric assessment, family history and by applying additional screening tools. conclusions There are opportunities for better recognition of bipolar disorder in the syndromal stage.

keywords bipolar disorder, diagnosis, early recognition