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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 61 (2019) 5, 326 - 334


Faster recovery of work participation through collaboration between specialist mental health care and Employee Insurance Agency (UWV): a pilot study

W.H.J.M. Cissen-van heugten, P.T. van der Heijden, I. Slaats, S.E. Lagerveld

background Mental health complaints are among the most important causes for drop-out in the of labour market. At the same time, work has a positive influence on people’s psychological health.
aim To describe and evaluate the integrated approach of specialist mental health care and Employee Insurance Agency (uwv).
method The integrated approach was evaluated for a group of 15 clients with anxiety and depressive disorders. Experiences with the approach were explored by treatment evaluation reports and semi-structured interviews with clients, practitioners, an insurance physician, a labour expert and several reintegration coaches. The degree of work participation was measured with the Participation Scale and the complaints were measured by regular rom measurements.
results The degree of work participation increased during the integrated approach: 8 clients found an unpaid work experience placement, 2 found a paid job. No indications were found that the approach negatively influenced complaint recovery. The interviews showed that clients felt helped and that they experienced a clearly supportive network of committed professionals.
conclusion The integrated approach, including work-focused therapy, was evaluated positively by all stakeholders and seems to contribute to work participation.

keywords anxiety and depressive disorders, multidisciplinary collaboration, psychological complaints, reintegration, work, work-focused cognitive behavioral therapy