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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 61 (2019) 3, 212 - 216


Renewing the curriculum for psychiatry

U.M.H. Klumpers

background A new curriculum for psychiatric training will be developed by the Netherlands Psychiatric Association.
aim To describe the essential documents providing the framework for the curriculum.
Method Essay providing background information on the essential documents.
results The new curriculum has to prepare the residents for future practice in a changing value-based mental healthcare setting. Acquisition of general psychiatric competencies requires a curriculum with a broad common base, with special focus on psychiatry across the life-span, and only secondary differentiation. Cooperation with other medical and mental health professionals requires development of interpersonal leadership skills. Competencies will be evaluated using Entrusted Professional Activities (epa).
conclusion In line with the vision documents by the Dutch Association of Medical Specialists and Training Board, a new curriculum will be designed, envisaging a broadly-based curriculum, with secondary differentiation. Professionalism is the central competency.

keywords curriculum development, competency, future psychiatry