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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 61 (2019) 2, 92 - 96


Decision aid for the treatment of psychotic illness: development of TReatment E-AssisT (TREAT)

L.O. Roebroek, J. Bruins, H. Knegtering, R. Bruggeman, PH. Delespaul, S. Castelein

background Use of decision aids in mental health care is increasing and will also be introduced in the Dutch mental healthcare system. We describe the context of this development and discuss how decision aids could facilitate evidence-based psychiatry.
aim To describe the development of the decision aid TReatment E-Assist (treat) in the Dutch mental healthcare system that aims to optimize treatment of people with a psychotic illness.
method We describe how the treat application works and discuss its potential contribution to the treatment of people with a psychotic illness.
results In a pilot study treat was judged as user friendly and useful. TREAT seemed to increase the integration of rom-results in treatment and the advice offered new view points for practioners.
conclusion treat is a novel application which combines routine outcome monitoring results with current treatment guidelines and standards of care in order to generate personalised treatment recommendations in the context of a psychiatric treatment trajectory. A multicentre study is being conducted in different provinces in the Netherlands to investigate the effectiveness of treat.

keywords care standard, decision aid, guideline, psychotic illness, routine outcome monitoring