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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 61 (2019) 2, 97 - 103


Development of the renewed Flexible ACT scale: F-ACT fidelity 2017

K.H. Westen, M.D. van Vugt, M. Bähler, PH. Delespaul, H. Kroon

background An important model for the organisation of care for people with severe mental illness is flexible assertive community treatment (f-act). f-act combines case management with assertive crisis intervention. Quality control was implemented in 2008 using a model fidelity scale. Research has shown that the norms used for the f-act fidelity scale no longer correspond with current norms concerning restorative and evidence-based care, as established in treatment guidelines.
aim To develop a new model fidelity scale for f-act teams.
method Using knowledge of experts, relevant articles and feedback from professionals, researchers, interest groups and family members, a new model fidelity scale was developed: the f-acts 2017. The revised scale was tested by trained auditors in 21 f-act teams and adjusted in two pilot rounds.
results In 2017 the final version was presented to the stakeholders and was approved by the board of auditors; the final version is currently in use. conclusions With the availability of f-acts 2017, the (research) field has state-of-the-art instrument to monitor the quality of care of persons with severe mental illness. It uses field standards to evaluate the degree of model fidelity of teams that focus on patients with severe mental illness in a rapidly changing context.

keywords certification, model fidelity scale