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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 60 (2018) 11, 774 - 781


Vision on man, vision on addiction: a multiple view of problems and recovery

E. Blaauw, G. Anthonio, M. van der Meer-Jansma, A. van den Bos

background The way we look at addiction has changed dramatically over the past decades. Currently, the brain disease model is the leading model in the biomedical scientific literature. However, this model has been severely criticized and seems to apply mostly to people with a chronic form of addiction. When the ideas of the recovery movement are applied to the current understanding of addiction, the biopsychosocial (bps) model seems the most fitting. On the other hand, while ‘meaningful existence’ (or ‘sense of meaning’) is a focal element the model of recovery, this concept is not included in the bps model.
aim To explore whether addition of the concept of meaning to the bps model is usefull.
method Discussion of a case and evaluation of selected literature.
results We advocate the addition of the concept ‘sense of meaning’ to the bps model, making it the bpsm model. A matter still to be resolved is whether this concept would become a fourth domain or considered either subjacent to or above the other three domains. We suggest that, while sense of meaning is not new in addiction care, adding this concept would underline the importance of the personal story behind the addiction.
conclusion Addition of the concept meaning to the bps model is Usefull in addiction care.

keywords addiction, addiction care, biopsychosocial model, meaning, medical model, recovery