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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 41 (1999) 2


Paul Hodiamont

Een spook in de ggz...?, 65 - 66

New research

E.A.M. Knoppert-van der Klein, C.A.L. Hoogduin

Personality disorders by the Personality Diagnostic Questionnaire-Revised (pdq-r) in bipolar patients, 67 - 73

New research

H.A.R.M.T. Teijssen, J. Legemaate

The evaluation of the complaint procedures of the Act on formal admissions to psychiatric hospitals, 75 - 84

Review article

R.R.J.M. Vermeiren, D. Deboutte

Prevalence and course of obsessive and compulsive behaviour in children and adolescents: A review of literature, 85 - 94

Review article

J.F. von Gleich, H. Knegtering

Schizophrenia: a diminished risk of cancer? , 95 - 101

Short report

H.L.I. Nijman, J.M.L.G. á Campo, D.P. Ravelli

Increase in the number of involuntary admissions, 103 - 107

Short report

M.T.G. Boon, F.P.M.L. Peeters

Dimensions of affectivity in depression and anxiety, 109 - 113

Case report

A.A.M. Ermens, A.J.W. ter Mors, L.T. Vlasveld

Primary polydipsia as a cause for hyponatraemia, a case report, 115 - 119