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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 60 (2018) 4, 221 - 230

New research

The development of a guideline to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of FACT board meetings using a Delphi study

M.X.C. Bruijsten, K.H. Westen, J.M. Weijman, P.A.M. Peeters

background The factboard meeting structures the multidisciplinary meetings held by fact teams, held for the 10-20% most care intensive patients. The fact manual only provides a general outline for the factboard meeting, leaving out criteria specifying the methods to structure meetings. Precisely describing these criteria could improve the quality of these meetings.
aim To develop a more detailed guideline on how to structure a factboard meeting by means of a Delphi study.
method The panel of the Delphi study existed of 22 professions working in certified fact teams and 8 experts in the field of fact. Panel members individually assessed 113 items according to whether the statement should be included in the guideline. Statements rated important or essential by ≥80% of the panel members were included in the guideline. The panel members’ commentary was used to shape and adjust the statements to clarify why they were regarded as important or unimportant.
results 54 statements were rated essential or important by ≥80% of the panel members. These statements pertained to the organization and structure of the factboard meeting and the roles and responsibilities of the team members.
conclusion The developed guideline could be used by fact and possibly act teams to structure the factboard meeting.

keywords Delphi study, fact board meeting, guideline