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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 60 (2018) 1, 51 - 54

Case report

Suicidal adolescents can benefit from Family Group Conferences

J.A. Koudstaal, G. Schout, R.H.B. Simons-Van Alphen, R.R.J.M. Vermeiren

A risk factor among suicidal adolescents is generally their inability to form and maintain relationships with other people. In the case that we investigated, the technique known as Family Group Conference (FGC) was used successfully to break through the adolescent’s passivity and social isolation. The FGC also helped to alter the adolescent’s conviction of being a burden to relatives, friends and other people. The results are in line with additional studies that used FGC with other target groups. This case study suggests that FGC is a promising type of intervention that can reduce the passivity and isolation of suicidal adolescents, strengthening their relationships and boosting a feeling of belonging. These factors as well as the results of the case investigated are currently stimulating further research into the use of FGCs to foster feelings of belonging and togetherness among suicidal adolescents.

keywords adolescents, Family Group Conferences, suicidality