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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 59 (2017) 7, 427 - 432

Short report

High and intensive care three years later; an evaluation of the experiences of patients and employees and the effect on coercive measures in psychiatry

J.J.P.A. Bierbooms, C.A.G. Lorenz-Artz, E. Pols, I.M.B. Bongers

background As part of the national campaign against the use of coercive measures in psychiatry, the Mental Health Service in Eindhoven set up the first modern high and intensive care centre (hic) in Eindhoven in 2012.
aim To study the progress of the numbers on coercive measures, and to evaluate the experiences of patients and treatment team members after working for three years according to the hic model.
method We analysed the registration data, carried out a short survey and conducted interviews.
results We found that the number of coercive measures used between 2012 and 2015 had declined by 42%. Patients generally had a positive attitude to the treatment they had received. They appreciated the role played by the team and were pleased to have had access to modern technology. Team members had a positive attitude to working with the hic model.
conclusion The main goals of working according to the new hic model have been achieved. However, it should be possible to increase cooperation with mobile teams, develop more links with patients’ next-of-kin and make wider use of modern technology.

keywords evaluation, high and intensive care, reduction of coercive measures