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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 59 (2017) 2


C. Baeken

Assisted suicide/euthanasia: a thorn in the eye of the APA?, 74 - 76

New research

N.A.M. Oude Oosterik, M.E.J. Bouwmans, I.W. de Groot, E.H. Bos, P. de Jonge

The bidirectional relationship between physical activity and sleep in depressed versus non-depressed individuals, 78 - 86

New research

R. Krebs, A.L. Ewalds, P.T. van der Heijden, E.J.M. Penterman, K.P. Grootens

Burn-out, commitment, personality and experiences during work and training; survey among psychiatry residents, 87 - 93

Review article

S.M. Dieleman, J.P. de Jong

The relationship between posttraumatic stress disorder and metabolic syndrome: an overview, 94 - 102


A. Liégeois, M. Eneman

An ethical reflection on outreaching mental health care, 103 - 110

Short report

P. Hopman, M. Blankers, G. Dom, R. Keet

Smoking policy in mental health care, 111 - 115

Case report

G.E.M. Penders, I.M. Daey Ouwens, F.M.M.A. van der Heijden

Wernicke encephalopathy and dry beriberi; late complications after bariatric surgery performed on a patient with a psychiatric history, 116 - 120

Dutch-Flemish research

Y. Stikkelbroek

Depressie na stressvolle levensgebeurtenissen bij jongeren; effect van emotieregulatie, 121 - 121

Dutch-Flemish research

S. Raymaekers

Langetermijneffecten van diepe hersenstimulatie voor obsessieve-compulsieve stoornis, 122 - 122

Psychiatrie van de Toekomst

J. Tijdink, J. Luykx

Hyperthermie; een nieuwe behandeling van depressie?, 123 - 124