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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 58 (2016) 11


S.J. Roza

Confusion about confusion, 774 - 776

New research

E.J.M. Penterman, F.G.L.M. Sabelis, S.P.A. Rasing, C.P.F. van der Staak, H.L.I. Nijman

The validity of acute assessments of psychiatric conditions made by psychiatric emergency staff, 777 - 784

New research

M. van de Vorst, D.J. Vinkers, G.E. Matroos, F. Heijtel, H.W. Hoek

Validation of tools for assessing the intelligence and the functional impairment of Papiamento speaking suspects, 785 - 793

Review article

A.J. de Kort, D. Postulart, G.A.A.M. Wetzer, S.H.P.P. Roerink

Acromegaly: recognition of a rare disease in psychiatric practice, 794 - 802

Short report

A.T. Spuijbroek, Y.M. Leezer, D.P de Beurs, R.F.P. de Winter

The proportion of suicides committed by patients with a mental health disorder for which treatment costs are now no longer reimbursed by health insurance, 803 - 808

Short report

H.J.R. Hoenders, S.H. Booij, H. Knegtering, H. van den Brink

Mindfulness training for psychiatrists in residency: a pilot study, 809 - 813

Case report

H. Vanhaute, P. Persoons

Early use of memantine in the treatment of Lewy body dementia, 814 - 817


P.T. van der Heijden, E. van Ee, K.P. Grootens

Right to ROM? Right to privacy: ROM data are medical data, 818 - 820

Dutch-Flemish research

J. Verhoeven

Geen dynamische, maar juist stabiele relatie tussen depressieve en angststoornissen en korte telomeerlengte, 821 - 821

Dutch-Flemish research

P. Cuijpers

Effectiviteit van interpersoonlijke psychotherapie bij verschillende psychische stoornissen: een meta-analyse, 823 - 823

Psychiatrie van de Toekomst

J. Steenmeijer, M. van den Berg

Zullen we ooit suïcide kunnen voorkomen?, 824 - 824

Letter to the editor

V. Klain

Reaction on ‘Mania induced by antibiotic therapy’, 834 - 835

Letter to the editor

A. Ruissen

Reaction on ‘Patients without dsm-iv-disorders and/or subclinical symptoms in generalistic and specialised mental health care’, 836 - 837