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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 58 (2016) 10


R.A. Schoevers, F. Smit, G. Dom, G. Meynen, K. Goethals, J. Spijker

Costs and benefits of psychiatry, 680 - 682

Short report

P.P.T. Jeurissen, B.A. Ravesteijn, R.T.J.M. Janssen, M.A.C. Tanke

Towards a sustainable, cost-effective mental health care; a policy perspective, 683 - 687

Short report

A.T.G. Paulus, R.M.W.A. Drost, D. Ruwaard, S.M.A.A. Evers

Inter-sectoral costs and benefits arising from mental health (disorders), 688 - 694

Short report

M. van der Gaag, H. Ising, J. Lokkerbol, F. Smit

Prognostic modelling and proactive intervention in psychosis: efficacy and cost-effectiveness, 695 - 699

Short report

J. Lokkerbol, J. Nuijen, S. Evers, H. Knegtering, P. Delespaul, H. Kroon, R. Bruggeman

A study of cost-effectiveness of treating serious mental illness: challenges and solutions, 700 - 705

Short report

P. Speetjens, F. Thielen, M. ten Have, R. de Graaf, F. Smit

Child maltreatment: long-term economic consequences and implications, 706 - 711

Short report

M. Blankers

Social return on internet interventions for alcohol use disorders, 712 - 716

Short report

P. Wetzelaer, J. Lokkerbol, A. Arntz, A. van Asselt, S. Evers

Cost-effectiveness of psychotherapy for personality disorders. A systematic review on economic evaluation studies, 717 - 727

Short report

R.M. Vermeiren, J. van der Meer

Child psychiatry: limited research, evidence for cost-effectiveness of treatment, 728 - 732

Short report

A. Honig, D. Sierink, B. Verwey

The tasks and aims of hospital psychiatry today and in the future, 733 - 738

Short report

M.H. Nagtegaal, K. Goethals, G. Meynen

Mandatory treatment of forensic psychiatric patients in the Netherlands: costs and benefits in perspective, 739 - 745

Short report

B. van Spijker, A. Kerkhof, J. Lokkerbol, R. Engels, F. Smit

Online self-help for persons with suicidal intentions: budget impact analysis, 746 - 750

Short report

L.M. Bijkersma-Pot, P. Cuijpers, A.T.F. Beekman, R.A. Schoevers

Comparison of efficacy of psychiatric treatment versus treatment in general medicine, 751 - 758

Short report

F.R.M. Portrait, B. van den Berg

The willingness of the Dutch to pay for mental health care, 759 - 765

Short report

N. Vos de Wael

Cooperation and client perspective are the terms for success; reflection on the cost-effectiveness of psychiatry, 766 - 770