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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 58 (2016) 4


R.C. Oude Voshaar

Continuing education in psychiatry, 260 - 261

New research

P.E. Graveland, M.M. Beex-Oosterhuis, A. Gosker-Venis, R.J. van Marum, A.R. van Gool

Medication review in the mental health care service: experiences on long-stay units, 262 - 271

New research

J.B. van Diepen, I.W. de Groot

Predicting drop-out during the systems training for emotional predictability and problem solving (STEPPS), 272 - 280

Review article

J.D. Blom

The Alice in Wonderland syndrome. What do we know after 60 years?, 281 - 291

Review article

K.L. Blase, A. van Dijke, P.J.M. Cluitmans, E. Vermetten

Efficacy of HRV-biofeedback as additional treatment of depression and PTSD, 292 - 300


E. van Meekeren, J. Baars

Contextual psychiatry: a re-evaluation focusing on family system therapy, 301 - 308

Case report

TH. van Oeffelt, E.J.D. Prinsen

Treatment-resistant psychosis due to interaction between ritonavir and olanzapine: case report and literature review, 309 - 313

Case report

T.S.E. Nonner, S.J. Timmer

Clozapine and the electronic cigarette; a case study, 314 - 317

Case report

H.C.T. Afschrift*, H.C. Van den Steene, M. Dhar, D. Van West

Case report: The child- and adolescent psychiatric phenotype of a brother and sister with 16p11.2 microduplication, 318 - 322


A.M. Ruissen

Guideline psychiatric diagnostics 2015; strong positioning and some loose ends, 323 - 326

Dutch-Flemish research

H. Visser

Inference-based approach versus cognitieve gedragstherapie voor patiënten met obsessieve-compulsieve stoornis met gering inzicht, 327 - 327

Dutch-Flemish research

C.D. van Borkulo

Persistentie van depressie mogelijk bepaald door specifieke patronen in symptoomassociaties, 328 - 328


J. Rivière, K.R. Goethals

Geweld en achtervolgingswanen bij onbehandelde schizofrenie, 329 - 330

Psychiatrie van de Toekomst

J.B. Zantvoord, M. Figee

Opiaten als behandeling van depressie, 331 - 331

Letter to the editor

R.F.P. de Winter

Reaction on ‘Risk factors and protective factors relating to suicide in the Netherlands and Flanders’, 342 - 344