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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 58 (2016) 2, 114 - 121

Review article

Social dysfunction in schizotypy

O. de Wachter, J. De La Asuncion, B. Sabbe, M. Morrens

background Schizotypy is a personality organisation that is closely related to schizotypal personality disorder and schizophrenia and is characterised by deficits in social functioning. Although the dimensions of social dysfunction have not yet been fully explored certain aspects of social dysfunction are promising predictive markers for schizophrenia.
aim To describe schizotypy and its influence on social functioning.
method We reviewed the literature systematically using the online databases PubMed and Psycinfo.
results The disorder known as schizotypy lies at the basis of schizotypal personality disorder. Both disorders are characterised by an increased risk for schizophrenia. The social dysfunctioning seen in schizotypy corresponds to the social dysfunction seen in schizophrenia. Impairments in social cognition are causal factors of this social dysfunction. Both the negative and the positive dimension of schizotypy influence social cognition.
conclusion More focused, objective and interactive research to the various aspects of social functioning in schizotypy is needed in order to discover potential premorbid markers for schizophrenia.

keywords schizotypy, schizotypal personality disorder, schizophrenia, social dysfunction