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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 58 (2016) 2, 145 - 149

Short report

A philosophical information leaflet to accompany a DSM classification

J. Kraaijenbrink, T. Kuipers, B. van der Laan, S. Kremer

background The introduction of the dsm-5 has re-ignited discussion about the classification of mental disorders. The public may have misconceptions with regard to the nature of the information contained in a dsm-classification.
aim To bring about a conceptual switch so that the professional user of a classification sees it as an aid to diagnosis rather than as a definition of a problem or illness.
method We devised a ‘thought experiment’ to serve as a support for dsm classifications.
results The ‘thought experiment’ led us to devise a medicine package containing a ‘philosophical’ information leaflet. This ‘thought-experiment’, the information leaflet and the medicine package were presented to both students and trainee doctors at the ucp in Groningen and to clinicians at the fpc dr. S. van Mesdag Clinic.
conclusion Students and trainee doctors were able to make the desired conceptual switch as a result of ‘the thought experiment’ and with the help they received from the medicine packaging containing the ‘philosophical’ information leaflet.

keywords classification, information leaflet, philosophical information leaflet