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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 57 (2015) 2


P.N. van Harten, M. Morrens, D. Rhebergen, P. Sienaert, D.M. Dhossche

Movement disorders in psychiatry, 74 - 75

Short report

P.N. van Harten, P.R. Bakker, J. van Os

Movement disorders as a prodromal sign in individuals at high risk of psychosis, 77 - 82

Short report

D. Rhebergen, P. Sienaert

Do psychomotor symptoms predict the treatment response of patients with depressive disorders?, 83 - 88

Short report

D.M. Dhossche, L.F. van der Steen, S.M. Shettar

Catatonia in autism spectrum disorders: Review and case-report, 89 - 93

Short report

S. van den Ameele, B. Sabbe, M. Morrens

Characteristics of catatonia in schizophrenia and mood disorders, 94 - 98

Short report

D.M. Dhossche, P. Sienaert, F.M.M.A. van der Heijden

Mechanisms of catatonia, 99 - 103

Short report

P. Cras, D. Crosiers

Psychogenic movement disorders, 104 - 108

Short report

E.H.C.W. van de Riet, S.C. van Bronswijk, J.N.M. Schieveld

Movement disorders in anti-N-NMDA receptor encephalitis, 109 - 113

Short report

P.R. Bakker, J. van Os, P.N. van Harten

The genetics of antipsychotic-related movement disorders, 114 - 119

Short report

D.E. Tenback, P.R. Bakker, P.N. van Harten

Risk factors for tardive movement disorders in schizophrenia, 120 - 124

Short report

C.L. Mentzel, D.E. Tenback, M.A.J. Tijssen, P.N. van Harten

Severe treatment-resistant tardive dystonia: is deep brain stimulation a treatment option, 125 - 131

Short report

W. Vandewalle, E. Boon, P. Sienaert

Movement disorders due to modern antidepressants and mood stabilizers, 132 - 137

Short report

A.F.G. Leentjens, O.A. van den Heuvel

Dilemmas in the treatment of psychiatric symptoms in patients with Parkinson's disease., 136 - 142

Short report

D. Cath

Psychiatric aspects of tics, 143 - 147

Short report

L. Docx, B.G.C. Sabbe, J. Koning, T.Q. Mentzel, P.N. van Harten, M. Morrens

Instrumental registration of psychomotor symptoms in schizophrenia: has the time come to use the technique in clinical practice?, 148 - 153