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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 56 (2014) 9, 597 - 604


Neurolaw: its relevance for forensic psychiatry

G. Meynen

background Neurolaw is a new interdisciplinary area of research which investigates, from different perspectives, the significance of the neurosciences for law.
aim To clarify the relevance of neurolaw for forensic psychiatry.
method The importance of neurolaw developments for forensic psychiatry was analysed on the basis of recent literature.
results Some of the developments in the field of neurolaw research concern issues that are currently evaluated by forensic psychiatrists, such as risk of recidivism and legal insanity.
conclusion Developments in neurolaw are relevant for forensic psychiatry in a number of ways. An important problem, not yet resolved, is to what extent psychiatry will be prepared to help in shaping these developments.

keywords forensic psychiatry, law, neurolaw, neuroscience