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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 54 (2012) 4, 377 - 382

Short report

An inpatient version of mentalisation-based treatment for patients with cluster A personality disorders

J. Blom, S. Colijn

background Despite the severity of their disorder, only a few patients suffering from cluster A personality problems are admitted to mental health care facilities for appropriate treatment. A review of the international literature on the treatment of cluster A patients does not reveal any description of non-pharmaceutical treatment for this group of patients, nor does it mention any research into the effectiveness of treatment for the group.
aim To describe the development of a step-down inpatient treatment model for patients suffering from severe cluster A problems.
method We reviewed the sparse research and the limited reports of clinical experience.
results The arguments supporting a step-down inpatient version of mentalisation-based treatment and its application in clinical practice are discussed.
conclusion A step-down inpatient treatment model has been developed and will be tested in research.

keywords cluster A personality disorder, inpatient treatment, mentalisationbased treatment