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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 54 (2012) 2, 147 - 152

Short report

ROM in adult psychiatry: an evaluation of measurement instruments

V.J.A. Buwalda, M.A. Nugter, S.Y. van de Brug, S. Draisma, J.H. Smit, J.A. Swinkels, W. van Tilburg

background An evaluation of the most commonly used rom measures in Dutch psychiatry is lacking, both for severe mental illnesses and for common psychiatric disorders.
aim To provide an overview of the characteristics and quality of outcome measures.
method A literature study yielded six outcome measures. The psychometrical, clinical and practical aspects of these scales are described.
results The measures are suitable and are of adequate quality.
discussion It remains to be seen if any of the outcome measures are suitable for both serious and less serious mental illnesses. The use of a combination of a self-rating scale and an observerrating scale that measure symptoms and domains of functioning may be the most promising choice.

keywords outcome measures, psychometric quality, ROM rating scales