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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 54 (2012) 2


I.P.M. Keet, M.A. Nugter, A. Hafkenscheid, F. Van Den Eede, M.M. Thunnissen

ROM: primarily an instrument for treat, 107 - 109

Review article

M.A. Nugter, V.J.A. Buwalda

Background and possible use of ROM in mental health care, 111 - 120

Review article

I.V.E. Carlier, D. Meuldijk, I.M. van Vliet, E.M. van Fenema, N.J.A. van der Wee, F.G. Zitman

Empirical evidence for the effectiveness of Routine Outcome Monitoring. A study of the literature , 121 - 128

Short report

A. Hafkenscheid

Routine monitoring: the interpretation of graphical feedback inevitably involves subjectivity , 129 - 134

Short report

R. Laane, R. Luijk

ROM and the position of the health insurance companies , 135 - 139

Short report

M.J. Noom, K. de Jong, B. Tiemens, F. Kamsteeg, M.T. Markus, A.M. Pot, G.M. Schippers, W. Swildens, S. Sytema, J. Theunissen, H.P. van der Vlist, J. Vuyk, J. Zondervan

Routine outcome monitoring and benchmarking: how can treatment results be compared in a responsible manner? , 141 - 145

Short report

V.J.A. Buwalda, M.A. Nugter, S.Y. van de Brug, S. Draisma, J.H. Smit, J.A. Swinkels, W. van Tilburg

ROM in adult psychiatry: an evaluation of measurement instruments , 147 - 152

Short report

M.A. Nugter, V.J.A. Buwalda, A.D.F. Dhondt, S. Draisma

The use of HoNOS in the treatment of patients , 153 - 159

Short report

N. Stinckens, D. Smits, L. Claes, S. Soenen

Meaningful ‘romming’ (routine outcome monitoring): seeking a balance between userfriendliness and clinical relevance , 161 - 165

Short report

F. Boer, M. Th. Markus, R.R.J.M. Vermeiren

Don’t say: Stand still, or I can’t measure you! Routine outcome measurement in child- and adolescent psychiatry, 167 - 171

Short report

F.G. Zitman

ROM in mood, anxiety and somatoform disorders: a promising technique with pleasing results , 173 - 177

Short report

K. Goethals, H.J.C. van Marle

Routine outcome monitoring in forensic psychiatry: a long story cut short , 179 - 183

Short report

S.C.C. Oudejans, G.M. Schippers, M.E. Spits, M. Stollenga, W. van den Brink

Five years of ROM in substance abuse treatment centres in the Netherlands, 185 - 190

Short report

C.L. Mulder, H.E. Kortrijk

Effects of treatment duration on the interpretation of ROM data in ACT patients, 191 - 196

Short report

K. de Jong

The role of the therapist: the ‘forgotten’ factor in ROM, 197 - 201