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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 52 (2010) 11, 785 - 790

Case report

Clozapine screening: white bloodcell counts no longer sufficient

D. Cohen, clozapinepluswerkgroep

Clozapine is an effective antipsychotic drug for the treatment of therapy-resistant schizophrenia. Mandatory screening of white blood cells is a safety measure for the early detection of agranulocytosis caused by treatment with clozapine. However, so far, there is no standard screening for two other potentially lethal side-effects, namely diabetic ketoacidosis and gastro-intestinal hypomotility. The current situation is weighed up on the basis of a comparison of the chances that these sideeffects can occur and cause death. The conclusion is that weekly or monthly screening should be carried out for all these side-effects.

keywords adverse effects, agranulocytosis, clozapine, diabetic ketoacidosis, gastro-intestinal hypomotility, screening