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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 51 (2009) 6, 365 - 375


The supervisory relationship from a psychoanalytic perspective

R. van Staveren, T.W.D.P. van Os

background The Dutch psychiatric training programme is being revised according to modern educational principles. In our view, however, the proposed training scheme does not adequately clarify the relationship between the trainee and the staff member most involved, while literature implicates that a good supervisory relationship is one of the most important conditions for an effective training.
aim To discuss, from a psychoanalytic perspective, those aspects that help to define the quality of the supervisory relationship.
method Literature research.
results If the distinction between training and therapy is strictly adhered to, psychoanalytic theories add importantly to the quality of the supervisory relationship and lead to an effective training. Recognising, understanding and, wherever possible, steering en directing what happens in the relationship is important not only for the personal and professional development of the trainee, but also for the job satisfaction of the trainer.
conclusion Psychoanalytic theories can make an important contribution to the sensitivity for and understanding of the supervisory relationship.

keywords effective training, psychoanalysis, supervisory relationship