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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 52 (2010) 9


L. de Haan

Onderzoek de toekomst, 611 - 613

New research

H.G. Ruhé, J. Booij, H.C. van Weert, J.B. Reitsma, E.J. Franssen, M.C. Michel, A. Schene

Dose-escalation of SSRIS in major depressive disorder. Should not be recommended in current guidelines , 615 - 625

Review article

V.C.R. Jiawan, J. Arends, C.J. Slooff, H. Knegtering

Pharmacological treatment of negative symptoms in schizophrenia; research and practice, 627 - 637


B. Verhoeff

Normal or pathological? – The view of Georges Canguilhem (1904-1995) , 639 - 647


C.F.A. Milders

A valuable vision on pathology, 649 - 651

Short report

A.E. Boon, A.M. de Haan, S.B.B. de Boer

Clients using the youth mental health services in The Hague are not an ethnic reflection of the youth of that city; bias not by social economic status but by ethnic origin, 653 - 658


W.A. Veling

Less use of mental health services by youth of non-Dutch origin – beyond a statistical correlation, 659 - 661

Short report

H. Merckelbach, T. Giesbrecht, M. Jelicic, T. Smeets

The problem of careless respondents in surveys, 663 - 669


P. Cuijpers

Careless respondents in surveys and the contribution of research to the progress in health care, 671 - 672


S.R.T. Veerman, P.F.J. Schulte

Onderhoudsbehandeling bij bipolaire stoornis: valproïnezuur, lithium of beide?, 673 - 674

Letter to the editor

D.J. Vinkers, R.C. van der Mast

Reaction on ‘Apathy’, 675 - 675