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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 52 (2010) 2, 111 - 115

Short report

Screening of adults with schizophrenia for metabolic complications caused by atypical antipsychotics

D. Cohen

Mortality in schizophrenic patients is clearly higher than in the general population. One of the reasons is the higher prevalence of the lethal side-effects of antipsychotics: diabetic ketoacidosis, prolonged qt-c time and gastro-intestinal hypomotility associated with clozapine are three serious side-effects which sometimes prove fatal. Systematic screening, however, means that sideeffects can be diagnosed at an earlier, less severe stage, leading to higher rates of survival and remission. This should contribute to a normalising of the mortality rate.


keywords diabetic ketoacidosis, ecg, gastro-intestinal hypomotility