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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 21 (1979) 11, 59 - 62

Short report

Extramurale 'epilepsiezorg'

E.P.S. Posthuma

E. P. S. Posthuma: Extramural treatment of epilepsy
The special services of the outpatient department and social advisory bureaux (polsocs) for epilepsy are discussed.
First an outline is given of the numbers of patients which are making use of the extramural services. Next it is pointed out that a number of people with epilepsy for whom these services would just be what they need, are not visiting the polsocs. The polsocs don't intend to assist and treat all patients with epilepsy. Criteria are given for referal to the polsoc. Active and positive referal policy by specialists and general practitioners is advocated.
This is important for still another reason: when there are good relations with the general practitioners it will be possible - if specialized care is no longer necessary - to refer the patient back.
It is hoped that in this way a more effective and efficient fight against epilepsy will be possible, without extra costs.