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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 21 (1979) 11, 29 - 34

Short report

De sociotherapeutische benadering bij de behandeling van mensen met epilepsie

C. Nettinga

C. Nettinga: Sociotherapeutic approach in treatment of people with epilepsy
Since 1973 a socioltherapeutic community 'De Oostvleugel' ('The East Wing') has been an integral part of the 'Instituut voor Epilepsiebestrijding' in Heemstede, The Netherlands.
The community was founded because it became more and more clear that the Institute's patients might benefit from sociotherapy. The psycho-social problems of many of the epileptic patients are such that they are prevented from leading a normal life. This paper is meant to examine the role of sociotherapy in the treatmentof patients with epilepsy. In particular the author describes the development of 'De Oostvleugel' and discusses the changes which this community has undergone in attempting to apply socio-therapeutic principles to the problems of people with epilepsy.