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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 21 (1979) 11, 24 - 28

Short report

Differentiaal-diagnostische problemen bij epilepsie

O.G. Mulder

0. G. Mulder: Differential diagnostic problems in epilepsy
The problems are discuseed of a patient of 40 years who was refered to our institute by the IMP. The question was whether his twilight stater and contactual abnormalities could be atttributed to epilepsy.
During analysis in the outpatient department and clinically, epilepsy appeared to be evident, which, after admission at home, was reacting badly to drugs. His character development appeared to play an important part in his marital problems, which seem to be the cause of the seizures triggered by tensions. His epilepsy is hampering him in his social and occupational functioning and evokes the marital problems. To break this vicious circle patient, with epilepsy diagnosed, has been presented again to the IMP for therapy of the marital problems.
An attempt is made to set up order in the chaotic denomination with respect to seizures, psyche and assistance.