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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 21 (1979) 11, 3 - 11

Short report

Inleiding in de epilepsiebestrijding

H. Smits

H. Smits: Introduction to the fight against epilepsy
After a historical retrospect a survey is given of the present fight against epilepsy in the Netherlands and outside, especially with respect to the international organization.
Then the how and why of the clinical fight against epilepsy and that in the outpatient clinics is discussed. It is pointed out that not only the pharmacological approach is of importance. Also the psychological and psychotherapeutical treatment, especially with respect to developing an educational or re-educational system for rehabilitation or resocialisation plays an important part. The discussion ends with a short summary of the various contributions to this issue. For the antecedents of the authors the reader is referred to the biographical notice at the end of each article.