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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 27 (1985) 4, 272 - 289

Short report

The follow-up Project Psychotherapeutic Communities (3)

A.M. Koster, J.E.A. Wagenborg

In this article research findings are presented and discussed on the persistente of change in patients after termination of intensive psychotherapeutic treatment in a residential setting. Follow-up assessments at one and three years after discharge produced data on the psychological condition of the subjects in terms of general well-being that were related to similar assessments that were performed at the beginning of the treatment as well as at discharge. Pre-, post- and follow-up data indicate a significant elevation of the level of general well-being with a major progression during the episode between the beginning and the termination of treatment. The follow-up assessments showed a slighter but nevertheless significant further improvement as well. Additional analysis was done to explicitate the influence of factors such as sex, diagnostic category and duration of treatment on therapy-results. These findings give lead to interesting and promising hypotheses on factors that either facilitate or frustrate the efficacy of residential psychotherapy.