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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 25 (1983) 6, 377 - 390

Short report

The Bill on Involuntary Admissions to Mental Hospitals

J. Krul-Steketee

In 1971 a bill on Involuntary Admissions to Mental Hospitals (in Dutch: BOPZ) was introduced to replace the Lunary Act of 1884. This bill has been modified several times but has not yet passed Parliament. The most important regulations of the bill are compared with those of the Lunacy Act: Although there is agreement on many points, such as the improved legal status of the patient in procedures based on this bill, divergent views exist between some psychiatrists on the one hand and some lawyers and the patient-organization on the other, particulary concerning criteria for involuntary admission and compulsary treatment. A plea is made to start the final discussions on the bill in Parliament as soon as possible.