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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 25 (1983) 4, 280 - 289

Short report

A Dutch Translation of the PSE 9th edition

R.H. van den Hoofdakker, W.R.E.H. Mulder, C.J. Slooff

The results with a Dutch translation of the PSE (9th edition) were investigated as to reliability and validity aspects in one hundred newly admitted patients. Reliability results were reported previously (part 1). As to the content validity, the PSE-CATEGO program could discriminate between our ICD-defined depressive and non depressive states. Within these broad categories little concordance was found between these classificatory systems. The significance of some diagnostic biases with both systems (e.g. mania and schizophrenia, retarded and vital depression) and the advantage of the use of a multiaxial classificationsystem are discussed.

keywords Classification, PSE, ICD, DSM III