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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 9 (1967) 1, 19 - 34

Short report

Ritmetest als uitgangspunt voor muziektherapeutische benadering

C. Holthaus

Because of the fact that above all music is executed in-the-time (in contest to the art of painting and so on, which is performed in-space) it is valued as elusive. Neither the physician nor the musictherapist appear to be in position to come to a well-described working-scheme. From practice a test which consists of 10 parts has been developed, which requires a minimum of skilfulness and which does not require a previous schooling at all. The test is done with simple expediants (two drums) and takes 30 minutes. As a rule it does not produce troubles to healthy people. Because of the tact that the patient cannot solve the problems, it certainly gives a picture of the patient which is specific to him. The picture which is resulting from the test is starting-point for a completely adequate music-therapeutical-method. (This method is not discussed in this article.) The test is entirely discussed and is based on three principles: 1. Character; 2. The capacity of contact; 3. The reactions on situative changements.
Especially the reactions on situative changements can access to the musictherapy a completely own position. The fact that music is in the first place a structural vigour, by which people are able to come to their own structure, has to be emphasised. (The receptive music-therapy is only in quest of the emotional)