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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 7 (1965) 1, 69 - 90

Short report

Problemen bij de latere stadia van schizofrenie

J. van der Meer

Discussed are the experiences with 50 chronically schizophrenic patients of the Second Psychiatric Clinic of the University in Utrecht. Intensive light against the hos pitalization-syndrome and attempts at resocialization prove that the clinical pictures in these more advanced stadia of schizophrenia are surely not sta tic but dynamic.
That's why terms as defect, demented and 'verblijdet', as indication for the picture of the chronically schizophrenic patients are dismissed, since these terms recall ssociations with the irreversible clinical syndroms which are a direct effect of an cerebral-organic in jury, as for instance the dementia paralytica.