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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 7 (1965) 1, 56 - 65

Short report

Zijn imbecillen muzikaal?

H. Kuiper

In the litterature you will find pronouncements of a high degree of musicality in mental subnormals, especially in mongols.
Especially their sense of rhythm should be able to reach a high development. Scientific experiences, however, made out that imbeciles surely do not come to better performances than the normal child in the field of music.
Because music as a totality has been connected with the human emotional life in the first place, the imbecile is easier accesible to music than to speech. The imbecile is able to reach so-called musical performances especially by means of his primitive passional structure.
People have tried to make a responsible use of the medium music in the education and the reeducation of the imbecile.