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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 23 (1981) 3, 163 - 174

Short report

Broken relationships and psychotherapy

J.H. Dijkhuis

Most psychotherapists use the working hypothesis that diverse complaints of patients are related to relational problems, especially to those of unfinished broken relationships, often related to childhood. Psychoanalysis, the attachment theories of Bowlby, or alienation-theories support these hypothesis. Also empirical research gives evidente for this working hypothesis, although in the research of social behavior one finds only intermediating variables, which can be a cause or a result as well. In applying psychotherapy the variable 'unfinished broken relationships' finally can only be interpreted as having played a certain part, as a cause or as a result. The author ends with his view on social behavior and on psychotherapy, in which the essence is the creation of dialogue-conditions and relevante of interpretation.