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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 43 (2001) 5


Guido Pieters, Roos van der Mast

(In)accuraatheid van referenties in het Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie, 295 - 296

New research

A.J. Fouwels, W. van den Brink, H.F.A. Schalken

Alcohol use disorders among patients of an academic psychiatric outpatient clinic: Prevalence, recognition and screening by resident psychiatrists, 297 - 307

Review article

R.A. Jongedijk

Psychiatric diagnostics and the dsm-system, 309 - 319

Review article

A.E. Dingemans, M.J. Bruna, E.F. van Furth

Binge eating disorder, 321 - 331

Review article

N. Nicolaï

Attachment and psychopathology: an overview, 333 - 342

Short report

G. Meynen, W.J.G. Hoogendijk, W.A. van Gool

A psychiatric perspective of new variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, 343 - 347

Short report

G. Pieters, E. Ceysens, E. de Heyn

Accuracy and appropriateness of references in the 'Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie', 349 - 353

Case report

A.J. Fouwels, B.C. Appelhof

Hoarding; a case-report, 355 - 359