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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 43 (2001) 2, 115 - 120

Short report

Aberrations in the cell membrane phospholipid structure of patients with schizophrenia

A.M. Vos, E. Hoencamp, P.M.J. Haffmans

Aberrations in the phospholipid structure of neuronal cell membranes of schizophrenic patients and suppletion with fish oil as form of treatment or even prevention of schizophrenia are currently actual (again) in schizophrenia research. This research is based on the phospholipid membrane concept of Horrobin, who postulates that schizophrenic symptoms are caused by aberration of the neuronal cellmembranes of schizophrenic patients. Fatty acids in the brain influence the membrane function, the receptor function, the neuronal signal distribution and the neurotransmitter release of for example dopamine. Until now the results of comparitive studies are promising, although there is a scarcity of well-controlled trials that justify the use of fish oil suppletion as a treatment for schizophrenic patients.

keywords fish oil, membrane fatty acid, schizophrenia